Space-Bar or C Key: Shoot

Up-Arrow or X Key: Jump

Left and Right Arrows: Move

Answer questions by clicking the buttons beneath the question box.


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Orpheus the Lyrical
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Orpheus the Lyrical | Figurative Language Review Video Game

Orpheus the Lyrical is a figurative language review game following the classic Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, where Orpheus travels to the underworld to regain his lost wife. This game offers a twist on traditional gaming in that it offers a genuine educational experience. In the course of the game, students will answer literally hundreds of questions about figurative language written and compiled by English teacher, Mr. Morton. Unlike a traditional worksheet or figurative language practice activity, however, students will have fun doing it. I believe that Orpheus the Lyrical represents a new way of reinforcing skill instruction and I'm happy to offer it as my first ereading game.

How to Play

Gameplay occurs in a two-dimensional platform based world, the physics of which should be familiar to many player.


Shooting: "space-bar" or "C" key
The player doesn't actually shoot persay, but rather plays his instrument to charm the beasts which he encounters. As the player gains powerups, his singing will improve.

Jumping: "up-arrow" or "X" key
The player begins with a single jump, but as the player progresses through the game, he or she may collect double-jump and flight powerups.

Answering Questions: Left-click the mouse on buttons below the game screen
As the player collides with enemies or hazards, he or she will have to answer questions where the player will identify examples of figurative language. The player should read the question as it appears in the quiz box beneath the game screen. Then, they should identify the figure of speech being used and click the appropriate button.

Printing Your Score

Another cool feature is the ability to print your score. If a teacher or parent wants to provide extra-credit or a reward for completing the game or answering a certain amount of questions correctly, it's easy to do. At the end of the game, players have the option of printing their score. After pressing this button, they enter their name (which is locked onto the score sheet to prevent cheating) and print their results. They can even unlock ribbons and achiements for maintaining a high-average of correct answers or accomplishing in game tasks, like collecting coins or dispatching a certain amount of enemies.